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La media maratón Vig-Bay 2014


Hoy os dejamos aquí una pequeña crónica de este nuestro  profesor de inglés Rupert Williams, al que aprovechamos para felicitar por su magnífico tiempo 01:21:19,-a sólo catorce minutos del ganador-, en la decimoquinta edición de la media maratón viguesa que este año congregó a más de 4.600 participantes. 



IMG_4616Vig Bay 2014

This year’s ‘Vig Bay‘ half marathon was my second attempt.  The half marathon takes place in April each year close to Vigo and attracts around 5000 runners from all over Galicia, Spain and further afield.


The race is something of a classic.  Minimal advertising is needed as the race sells itself.  21097 metres (official half marathon distance) separates the main road in Samil from the finish line in the port of Baiona.  Along the way runners take in the scenic coast of the area: Patos, Playa America and Monte Lourido, before the final stretch across the bridge of Ramallosa and into Baiona.


Although popular, the race is tough.  Serious preparation is needed to challenge the course: as much as the race attracts people with its scenery and prestige, at least as many are put off by the distance involved.


Intimidating it is.  Last year was my first time and I was unsure I could even finish the 21 km.  But I finished with a respectable time of 1 hour 34 minutes. This year, knowing I could do the distance, I wanted to push myself to see how fast I could do it.


I find it difficult to run in the summer heat, so I started my training last autumn.  Living in Vigo city centre, there are various routes on offer. One of my favourites is the senda azul – the path that runs alongside the River Lagares.  It starts at the bottom of Avenida Madrid and ends at the river mouth in Samil.  21 km end to end and a mixture of surfaces, from soft, muddy paths to some hard pavement pounding.


Basing training around work and other commitments can be tricky.  Long distance runs require large amounts of time (at least for amateurs like me!) so I’ve found early pre dawn runs work for me. My alarm goes off at about 7am three or four days a week and I stagger out of bed into my running gear to do a 60 or 90 minute run before starting work at 9am.


Like anything, sometimes the runs go really well and I feel happy with my time or performance. But other days, for some reason, things don’t go so well. Either way, I’ve found an early morning run really sets you up well for the day ahead. I feel more alert and awake rather than feeling sleepy.


I intersperse my training with swimming and yoga, both of which complement the muscular exertion of running. I am also a keen surfer which helps with flexibility and stamina.


So this year I entered the Vig Bay with a positive mind, hoping to at least better my time. 5000 runners in Samil means one thing: horrendous traffic! I left too late and missed the bag drop, so I ended up arriving at the start line just in time!


The organisation of the Vig Bay is fantastic, it can’t be easy to organise everything but the event, from a runner’s perspective, is superb. So after a tense few minutes at the start line, we were off!


Spectators line the route cheering – some doing capoiera, playing bagpipes or just cheering on the runners – it all makes for a great atmosphere.


I pushed myself and arrived in Baiona in 1 hour 21 minutes; 13 minutes quicker than last year.  I feel I could have pushed myself more to get below 80 minutes, but there’s next year’s challenge waiting for me!


Many thanks to all the organisers, spectators and Synergy Didactic for generously sponsoring me to complete the race.






Vocabulario del articulo


takes place = llevarse a cabo


the race sells itself = la carrera se vende si miasma


take in = hacer turismo


tough = muy difícil


put off = Quitar las ganas


to push myself = esforzarme


muddy = fangoso


pounding = pisando repetitivamente


to stagger = caminar sin control


to better = mejorar


bag drop = la guardaropa


cheering on = animar


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