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EFL: Missunderstandings

A veces, lo que entendemos es muy diferente a lo que nos están diciendo.

Vamos a ver algunos ejemplos:

 He says: I hear what you say.

I understand: He accepts my point of view.

He was meaning: I disagree but I don´t want to discuss it further.

He says: Quite good.

I understand: Quite good.

He was meaning: A bit disappointing.


He says: Very interesting.

I undesrstand: He´s impressed.

He was meaning: That is clearly nonsence.


He says: That´s a very brave proposal.

I understand: He thinks I have courage.

He was meaning: You´re insane.


He says: That´s not bad.

I understand: That´s good.

He was meaning: That´s poor.


He says: I only have a few minor comments.

I understand: He has found a few typos.

He was meaning: Please re-write completely.


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