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African pidgin english… are you able of understanding?


If you travel to West Africa, everywhere you will hear  sentences like these ones..

Send us your translation of them!!!!!!

I dey go chinco land next week: I´m going to China next week.

1. Kai no touch me, because I taste your coke na fight.
2. Abeg, which kind maclean you dey use?
3. Dat mechanic just dey do mago mago.
4. Make una come chop rice.
5. You no go lai lai to lai lai get money means you’ll never ever get rich.
6. y na?.
7. This girl no get yansh.
8. Which kain yeye Man de dis? Abeg, leave me with your yeye talk.
9. My guy, alarm dey fire me hia.
10. Mama why you give me soup with no obstacle.
11. I no well so i no dey go work today.
12. Johnny don on that him useless, i pass my neigbour again.
13. Wait make i ease myself.
14. James like to take style chop my money.
15. Abeg no waste my time, abi you no no say time na money.
16. You’re such a too know.
17. Dat one na grammar, you no fit fix the gen.
18.  Papa don delete.
19.  Times are hard, na only zero zero one man fit do now.
20. Oboy chilax ur admission go click.

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